Seba Beach School

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Education Planning

Seba Beach School aligns its Education Plan with the Division’s Education Plan while responding to the local and unique priorities of our own school community. You will find content from our previously printed reports in an easy to read and easy to find format in the Education Planning section of our website.

Seba Beach School's Accountability Pillar Results Summary Report
Seba Beach School's Provincial Achievement Tests Summary Report 

Emergency Procedures

Parkland School Division’s first priority is the safety, security, and well being of our students and staff. While we hope our schools are never faced with an emergency situation, we are prepared to respond to an incident if one should occur.

Newsletters & Social Media

At Seba Beach School, we recognize the value in consistent communication between home and school. As such, Seba Beach School issues the "Beach Bulletin” once per month, and posts to Facebook and Twitter on a regular basis. View all Newsletters

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