Seba Beach School

Our School

Honesty, Responsibility, Respect. These three words are the foundation of Seba Beach School and guide the school’s approach to all relationships between students, parents, teachers, staff, and the community. This is why Seba Beach calls itself the “The Friendliest School on the Planet,” and anyone who walks in the door can’t help but be affected by the welcoming atmosphere.

Unique Features of Our School

  • Experienced and synergistic staff
  • Large variety of extracurricular activities and off campus learning opportunities
  • Strong relationships with students and families
  • Excellent achievement in early years levelled reading programs
  • Balanced Literacy Approach to English Language Arts instruction
  • Reading Intervention Program
  • Levelled Literacy Program
  • Secure and safe learning environment
  • High parent, student, staff satisfaction with the overall quality of the school
  • Infusion of First Nation cultural perspectives throughout grades and subjects
  • Large variety of exploratory options for students in Grades 7-9 ranging from Metalworking to Chorals

How We Define Success For Our Students

Learners at Seba Beach School are successful when they can demonstrate their academic growth through various means, such as projects, teacher-created assessments and/or standardized assessments. Seba Beach students demonstrate the characteristics of citizenship and social responsibility not only within the school, but also in their home communities. Our students are successful when they view learning as a continuum that they can enter from any point, and a journey which continues throughout their life. 

What Makes Us Proud

  • Our warm, caring and welcoming atmosphere
  • Our students' growth and achievement in academics, sports and citizenship and social responsibility
  • Our cohesive, collaborative and dedicated staff
  • Our strong parental and community support
  • Our small school (family) atmosphere, which is represented by the many parents that are always volunteering to help and many staff whom have been here for many years

What Makes Our School "Great" and How We Know

  • We are a school where every student has the opportunity for involvement in a wide variety of in-class, extracurricular activities and off-site learning experiences.
  • We are a small school where all staff develop meaningful relationships with students and families: a place where everyone knows your name.
  • Our celebrations of student citizenship through initiatives such as our “Pat on the Back”, “Very Impressive Student” and “Student of the Month” awards are a testament to the high calibre of students and positive attitudes that many of our children display.
  • Our warm, caring community atmosphere is a feature many guests to the school comment on.
  • Our positive parental support and confidence is reaffirmed in surveys, conversations and through our School Council.
  • The amazing team work and collaboration that occurs between the staff and parents at the school, showing the commitment to our students, learning and citizenship.
  • All of our students are engaged, participating and enjoying being part of the school.

For more information contact:
Seba Beach School
Phone: 1-780-797-3733