Seba Beach School


2016-2017 Assurance Report

Principal: Shawna Stewart
School Council Chair: Andrea Derbyshire

Vision: Parkland School Division is a place where exploration, creativity and imagination make learning exciting and where all learners aspire to reach their dreams.

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Inclusive Education
Quality Learning
Culture of Wellness
Universal Leadership
Resource Stewardship


As a member of the Parkland School Division family of schools, Seba Beach School utilizes a robust Assurance Model to understand stakeholder feedback better. Working with an Assurance Model means that Seba Beach, Parkland School Division and the Board of Trustees actively seek to reveal all avenues for stakeholders to tell us how we are attending to our goals and priorities. One important part of our Assurance Model is deriving stakeholder feedback through insightful comments made by parents, staff, community members and students.

Seba Beach continuously gathers feedback from a variety of sources, including students, parents, staff, the school division and the greater community. In addition to surveys, conferences and day-to-day conversations, our school also uses an online assurance process called ThoughtExchange that enables participants to read and rank responses based on three questions:

  • What are some concerns you have about our school this year?
  • What are some things you appreciate about our school this year?
  • What are some other things you would like to say about our school this year?

Seba Beach’s Assurance Report captures the strengths, opportunities, aspirations and expected results that we gathered throughout last year. In keeping with an Assurance Model, this report provides the narrative for our achievements and challenges, and is presented on our school website.

Strengths are highlighted as areas that are working well in Seba Beach. In our commitment to quality learning, we recognize that there will always be room for growth. We are proud of the strengths and accomplishments you have recognized in the work we do.

Opportunities are areas for growth or attention. As a school, we recognize these as areas in which we need to focus more attention, and we see that these areas are also important to you.

Aspirations are presented as priorities for a preferred future. Our stakeholders have shared a vision for where we need to go and what our world will look like when we’ve mastered our strengths and eliminated areas in need of growth.

Results capture expectations for measuring success. In other words, how will we know that we know we are successful?

In 2015-2016, Parkland School Division’s Board of Trustees approved an ambitious Education Plan that was generated through the Assurance Model. The Plan established enduring strategic processes (enduring priorities) that will always be considered in the generation of strategies (forward-thinking actionable plans). These strategies enable us to achieve our outcomes (goals).

Parkland School Division’s Ultimate Goal is Student Success and Well-Being. Students will be encouraged to explore, create, imagine and engage in lifelong learning as they develop competencies that prepare them to enter the world of post-secondary studies or work. The Division believes that student success is closely linked to student well-being and the development of social-emotional assets that build resiliency, and is therefore committed to the development of the whole child at all levels of their education. The goals, outcomes, priorities and strategies identified in the Education Plan are focused on the achievement of the Ultimate Goal: Student Success and Well-Being.

Two enduring priorities continue to guide the work of the Division. These priorities are considered to be enduring since they are necessary priorities to consider in establishing any goal:

The Enduring Priority of Engagement: Engaging all stakeholders: students, staff, and the local and global communities. Goals and strategies must include a consideration of how they will be shared and supported by all stakeholder groups.

The Enduring Priority of Resource Stewardship: Ensuring equitable and sustainable use of our resources and ensuring financial responsibility. Goals and strategies must include a consideration of how they will utilize limited resources with maximum results.

In addition to the enduring priorities listed above, the 2015-2018 Three Year Education Plan includes the goals necessary to achieve student success and well-being:

Inclusive Education: Parkland School Division is an inclusive education system. An inclusive education system is one that demonstrates behaviours and decisions that reflect valuing all students. The Division is committed to achieving this goal and to fulfilling the provincial mandate for inclusion.

In Parkland School Division, everyone is accepted and experiences a sense of belonging. Every student - no matter their ability, disability, language, cultural background, religion, sexual orientation and gender identity - has meaningful contributions to make.

Using the programs of study as the framework for learning, every student is engaged in meaningful and authentic ways. All students are treated equitably: they get the support needed when they need it, and for the intensity and duration of time for which they need it.

Quality Learning: Student success and well-being depends on quality instruction in an atmosphere that respects each learner’s independent spirit. Quality teaching practices promote the development of innovation and creativity while attending to meaningful assessment and reporting practices.

Quality Learning builds on the Division’s Inclusive Education goal in that all students are connected to the Programs of Study and all students have the supports and educational quality necessary to achieve success.

Culture of Wellness: Parkland School Division is committed to Student Success and Well-Being. The Division recognizes that, as a system, well-being must be present for all stakeholders, and therefore it is committed to fostering physical literacy, lifelong health and well-being at all levels. The Division believes that student success is closely linked to student well-being and the development of social-emotional assets that build resiliency.

The development of citizenship and social responsibility contribute to wellness and are integral to the delivery of a broad and comprehensive program of studies. We are dedicated to the development of the whole child.

Universal Leadership: Student success and well-being requires collaborative, universal leadership that employs calculated risk-taking and a determination to consider and implement new and innovative ideas. The Division’s Board of Trustees continues to embrace the direction set by Alberta Education to adopt a Generative Governance Model that demands public confidence in all facets of the system. The Division’s clear strategic direction will be maintained, administered and reviewed on an ongoing basis to ensure true stewardship of resources.

As a learning organization, the Division recognizes continued improvement through a commitment to leadership at all levels.


During the year we have monthly School Council meetings. Our School Council chair and the principal communicate about the items to be deliberated. The Three Year Plan is discussed and initiatives that are derived from the document are highlighted. Community members also have an opportunity to voice their opinions during the meetings, thus giving us feedback on our goals. 

Biannually, we have the opportunity to meet with the Paul Band Health Centre Team. Together, we discuss issues being faced by the Paul Band community and brainstorm how best to help our students, providing opportunities for them both on reserve and at Seba Beach School.

Parents, staff and students throughout the Division are also surveyed for their opinion on different education topics. The information provided to us by these surveys allows the staff to reflect on areas of growth and areas of concern so that we may alter, change or continue the goals of the school. These surveys include ThoughtExchange and Tell Them From Me.

Informal conversations are also a part of our ongoing assessment of our goals.

We use our staff meetings to review the information collected from these sources, and then plans are put into place to identify strengths and weaknesses for our school. Our professional development plan is based on this data.

Weekly schedules and memos are sent out to staff with key information. Since most information is communicated electronically, staff meetings tend to be shorter but more informative and productive.

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Inclusive Education


This school has wonderful staff who takes the time to help every student.

- Seba Beach Parent via ThoughtExchange

Seba Beach is fun-filled and has educated acceptance for one who is challenged.

- Seba Beach Parent via ThoughtExchange

Seba Beach School is an inclusive environment where we focus on the Circle of Courage philosophy. Our school-based team is comprised of administration, an Inclusive Education Lead, our support and mentoring coordinator/FNMI, our Collaborative Teaching Partner (CTP), teachers and educational assistants.

When students are identified as struggling, our school-based team comes together to meet. Working together, a plan is developed to provide supports for the student. Parents and/or guardians are always asked to provide input and are always involved in creating their children’s plans.

These educational and/or behaviour plans are reviewed bimonthly and any adaptations or modifications to the plan are made as needed. Support services are accessed as necessary, either directly through Parkland School Division's Learning Services’ RCSD (Regional Collaboration Service Delivery) linked teams, or through local community supports.


Generally, I feel my children are getting a decent education. I sometimes feel that they aren't challenged enough, especially in higher grades. A way needs to be found to help those who struggle while, at the same time, leaving those who are ahead not feeling bored.

- Seba Beach Parent via ThoughtExchange

As Seba Beach has approximately 101 students from Early Education to Grade 9, combined classes are created out of necessity. Although these combined classes demand more from our teachers, they also provide for some unique learning opportunities and strengthen teaching practices, since the curriculum is a continuum.

Seba Beach School will:
  • Continue to provide quality learning in an inclusive environment that meets the needs of all our students in a diverse low socio-economic population
  • Navigate historical trauma and cultural issues faced by our Indigenous youth
  • Meet mental health needs, in collaboration with our RCSD-linked team
  • Provide professional development in the areas of mental health first aid to support the growth of our teachers 


Seba Beach will provide an inclusive environment that meets the needs of all of their students.

Seba Beach School will:
  • Articulate a clear understanding of inclusion and communicate this to all stakeholders
  • Continue to be a secure, safe environment and a warm, friendly place for all students, staff and families
  • Continue to implement Parkland School Division's Service Delivery Model to address student needs
  • Continue to use the classroom profile tool, aligned with the Service Delivery model. This process is used by our Inclusive Education Lead and school administration to gauge how best to use the classroom profile.
  • Promote and implement the use of the Circle of Courage philosophy to build and sustain a culture of resilience and inclusion within the school. The current emphasis is on Mastery and Independence.
  • Support teachers through professional development to foster inclusive classrooms, and introduce a support and mentoring coordinator within our school to meet the socio/emotional needs of our students
  • Emphasize “strength-discovering” assessments
  • Continue to recognize multiple ways of knowing and learning 
  • Ensure students experience success


We will look for feedback from parents and staff in the ThoughtExchange survey results, as well as from our students in the Tell Them From Me survey results, that demonstrates our growth in this area. Continued feedback from our Speech Language Pathologist and Occupational Therapist is important as well.

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Quality Learning


Daily 5 and Fountas & Pinnell and are school-wide programs used at Seba Beach School to improve students’ academic performance and overall success. 

Daily 5 - The Daily 5™ is a framework for structuring literacy time so students develop lifelong habits of reading, writing, and working independently. Students select from five authentic reading and writing choices, working independently toward personalized goals, while the teacher meets individual needs through whole-group and small-group instruction, as well as one-on-one conferring. These choices include: Read to Self, Work on Writing, Read to Someone, Listen to Reading, and Word Work.

Fountas & Pinnell - The Fountas & Pinnell Benchmark Assessment System (BAS) seamlessly links assessment to instruction along the continuum of literacy learning. This comprehensive system for one-on-one assessment reliably and systematically matches students’ instructional and independent reading abilities to the F&P Text Level Gradient™.

Leveled Literacy Intervention As a school-wide reading intervention and early years home reading program, the Fountas & Pinnell Leveled Literacy Intervention is a powerful, short-term process that provides daily, intensive, small-group instruction, which supplements classroom literacy teaching. LLI turns struggling readers into successful readers with engaging leveled books and fast-paced, systematically-designed lessons.

Guided Math - Guided Math is a structure for teaching whereby a teacher supports each child's development of mathematical proficiency at increasing levels of difficulty within the context of a small group.

Math Intervention/Programming Instrument (MiPi) - Seba Beach School is using the Math Intervention/Programming Instrument (MiPi) as a new assessment tool with all students in Grades 2 to 9.


Seba Beach teachers have varying levels of experience with the programs mentioned above, as both the programs and some of the staff are relatively new to our school. Teachers receive professional development in these programs as required and when available.


As these programs become more entrenched in the classroom and better understood by teachers, there will be steady improvement to our students' level of academic achievement. For the 2017-2018 school year, literacy will continue to be emphasized and we will begin our journey with numeracy.

  • The school will meet academic standards for all students in order that they may reach their capacities.
  • The school gives and asks students for developmentally appropriate freedom and responsibility.
  • The school will use assessment tools (Fountas & Pinnell, MiPi).


Success will be measured by:
  • An increase in school-wide reading levels
  • An increase in our standard of excellence and our acceptable standard in Grade 6 & 9 on provincial achievement exams
  • How school staff members are perceived, through assurance measures, as exemplifying confidence in literacy and numeracy programming

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Culture of Wellness


Structure of how things are done -The DPA in the morning has been a great implement to the school. My children love it and I think it’s a great way to start the day!

- Seba Beach Parent via ThoughtExchange

Increase in phyisical activity and outdoor time.I feel that there has been an increased importance placed on daily physical activity and outdoor play time which I greatly appreciate.

- Seba Beach Parent via ThoughtExchange

  • The Tell Them From Me survey results show a high sense of belonging and positive relationships at Seba Beach School.
  • Seba Beach extracurricular activities include:
    • Volleyball
    • Basketball
    • Track & Field
    • Soccer
    • Christmas Play

Sports teams are offered in collaboration with other schools in the west end of Parkland School Division to ensure ALL students have opportunities to play. 


At Seba Beach School, we follow the “Circle of Courage” Philosophy (created by Martin Brokenleg & Larry Brendto), which portrays the four growth needs of all children: Belonging, Mastery, Independence and Generosity.

We continue to create a healthy environment for both staff and students in which mental and physical wellness is a prime focus. Some of our key strategies include using the MindUP program and focusing on self-regulation, daily physical activity and intramurals.


We want our school to:
  • Be a safe, secure environment
  • Be a trauma-aware environment
  • Provide opportunities for students to serve in satisfying way
  • Be a place of caring, compassion, empathy and kindness
  • Continue to promote wellness of body, mind and spirit


Student, teacher and parental feedback, including that from the Tell Them From Me survey and the school counsellor, will indicate continued growth in this area.

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Universal Leadership


Seba Beach School has a very small staff, yet they continue to ensure our students have amazing opportunities.

- Seba Beach Parent via ThoughtExchange

Seba Beach School celebrates student, staff and parent leadership:
  • Parents lead our school council and fundraising committees, and run community-building events.
  • Staff take on numerous leadership roles, working as acting administration and divisional leaders and taking part in the technology committee and professional development committee. They also manage specific events and clubs such as the Terry Fox Run, sports teams and Christmas concert, and act as Art lead, Numeracy Lead and Literacy Lead.
  • Students have many leadership opportunities available through WE Day, our Career & Technology Foundations classes (CTF), Grade 9 trip planning and our student leadership group.
As we look forward to 2017-2018, we will continue to focus on the above areas, as well as:
  • Distribute leadership and build capacity by providing and supporting different leadership opportunities, encouraging staff to take the lead as Acting Administrators, Learning Leaders, Technology Leaders Cohort, Wellness Champion, Literacy Leaders, Art Lead, and managers of school performances
  • Continue to work with our strong and committed Seba Beach School Council


  • Increase meaningful parent involvement in Parent Council and Fundraising Society
  • Increase opportunities for student and staff leadership


Seba Beach School will:
  • Endeavour to provide relevant and meaningful leadership opportunities and experiences for students and staff
  • Use professional learning and collaborative strategies to enhance leadership
  • Identify strategic improvements to increase collaborative capacity
  • Explore the practice of mentorship at all levels: staff will promote student collaboration with adults and across grades
  • Support the Division’s deliberate study of successes and failures to explore the necessity of calculated risk-taking that promotes learning
  • Continue to focus on leadership development for all staff and students
  • Seek to find ways to synchronize individual aspirations with organizational opportunities
  • Build student and staff leadership opportunities with school and community


We will know we have been successful in cultivating universal leadership when:
  • Administrative processes are more efficient and effective as reported through leadership engagement processes
  • Strategic planning and budgeting reflects leadership development and growth
  • More staff and student leadership opportunities become available
  • Collaborative opportunities where people are supporting each other in their area of expertise increase
  • Staff members identify strategic improvements to increase collaborative capacity
  • A wider variety of students and staff choose to participate in leadership opportunities or the creation of new leadership opportunities

As a small school, we sometimes feel the need to be represented in as many ways as possible when it comes to teams, committees and activities. It can be a challenge for all involved. The results of a balanced approach will start to appear as we continue to have conversations with parents and staff and encourage their feedback through such platforms as Tell Them From Me and ThoughtExchange.

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At Seba Beach School, we place a high value on community input and feedback. We strive to engage our community continually in a variety of ways that may include the following:

  • ThoughtExchange
  • Tell Them From Me Survey
  • School website
  • Parent involvement, such as parent workshops 
  • Community events
  • Parent Council
  • Administrative open door policy 


  • Working toward engaging parents in ALL of our communities, including Paul Band First Nation
  • Breaking down barriers by providing transportation to allow all parents the opportunity to be involved
  • Engaging the new representatives we have for each of the communities we serve: one from our catchment area, and one to represent Paul Band First Nation


We need to continue to promote and celebrate our achievements. Seba Beach School has lots to offer for such a small school and we need to celebrate what we do. 


Seba Beach School Council will be instrumental in giving feedback regarding the communication from home and school. We will continue to monitor feedback from parents on the PowerSchool parent portal and encourage all of our parents to sign up online when possible, being mindful that not all of our parent community has internet connectivity.

We will also continue to use classroom Remind and strive to get parent buy-in for a school-wide Remind for all parents. We want to engage more parents, and hope to see an increase in that number. One way to gauge our success is through the parents who follow our Seba Beach School Facebook page. We currently have 160 followers and are actively encouraging a steady increase in that type of communication. 

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Resource Stewardship


Seba Beach School continues to enhance the learning environment by investing in additional current technologies (Chromebooks, iPads) and flexible seating for students. Each classroom, the main office and our main hallway had new furniture added in 2015-16 to refresh and update the space. 


Seba Beach School’s community population can be transient, and this in turn affects the student population at our school. Last year we saw an increase in population from the previous year for various reasons. However, we also saw an increase in student need. This year, we have again dropped to approximately 101 students. Many of our students require a high level of intervention. Working in conjunction with members of Parkland School Division's Learning Services, we provide the best we can and consider opportunities when they become available. 


Students, staff, parents, and community members are encouraged to embrace change. It is especially challenging in the current financial times, but now is the time, more than ever, to ensure enhancement projects occur and continue. The goal is to create an attractive, small school option for surrounding communities where families and students receive small class sizes and more personalized learning in a rural school environment. 


By continuing our focused work on the areas of Inclusive Education, Quality Learning, Culture of Wellness, and Universal Leadership, we will hopefully see an increase in student population for following school years. Tell Them From Me and ThoughtExchange provide opportunity for stakeholders to give feedback, which will be monitored closely for learning opportunities and enhancement of our school. We also need to continue to check in with students and others through day-to-day conversations.

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